Ready to Learn

Hello! I’m Amanda and I’m a senior communication major at the University of Louisville. I am originally from a small town about 40 minutes away in Southern Indiana that consists of a stoplight and a gas station. I moved to Louisville in 2004 to attend U of L, and I studied here until 2007. Unfortunately without a distinct career path I lost motivation and decided to “take a semester off”. This ultimately ended up being a five-year hiatus from college.

I have no doubt in my mind that my family had  given up hope of my returning to college after the first few years. I am pretty stubborn, so I resolved when I left that I wouldn’t waste any more time or money on higher education until I was personally ready to continue. Honestly, I am extremely glad I made the decision to wait. Now I am ready to learn, rather than get distracted by all the intricate  life changes that are happening in our early 20’s. What made me return you may ask? Spend ten years in the restaurant industry as a server and see how you feel about continuing in that profession for the rest of your life. 🙂 Though I love talking to people about different cuisines and wine pairings as a server, I returned to U of L because I felt intellectually stagnant and wanted to begin learning and really using my brain again. When I came back in the fall semester of 2012, I was finally ready to go.

Since my Strategic Communications writing class this spring with Dr. Karen Freberg, I have decided to turn more towards the PR side of communications.  Previously journalism had been my primary pull to this career choice. I grew up with my parents owning two sister facilities in the tourism industry (Marengo Cave and Cave Country Canoes). With this background, I am interested in exploring PR in the tourism realm to see if this the area for me.

I am excited to explore the marketing and PR side of social media this semester with Dr. Freberg and the rest of #Freberg13. By December I hope to feel fully prepped and ready to do my best for a PR internship next summer.

We all know that practice makes perfect, so I plan to continue to work with this blog beyond #Freberg13 and graduation. The simple act of editing your own writing can help you grow leaps and bounds, even if no one else reads it.


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