Football and a Fear of Heights


I’ve always been pretty afraid of heights. I’m not sure if having this fear can be genetic, but I always felt like my Dad passed it on to me somehow. Every summer we would drive countless hours to reach some far off destination he’d chosen, but not once did we ever set foot on an airplane. Needless to say by the time I flew for the first time at the age of 20, I was completely terrified of flying.

I was excited to go to U of L’s season opener last week, as it was my first U of L football game. I’ve been parking right beside Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium for a few years but never seen it from the inside. I have to confess that I wasn’t exactly sure what I personally was in for. As ridiculous as this sounds, while I was walking up the ramp to the expansion of the stadium, I started to feel a little bit queasy. As we began climbing the steps to row RR, it became apparent that we were headed towards the top row, and therefore the highest spot in the stadium. It wasn’t until I turned around and looked at the field that I realized I was about to have a panic attack. Really? I had no idea I was that much of a scaredy cat.

Luckily after focusing my eyes directly on the field for about 20 minutes, I was able to begin feeling a little more comfortable. There is something I can’t pinpoint that’s really disorienting when you’re up that high; a wide open expanse stretching out before you for what seems like miles. (Oh wait, it was stretching out for miles. I could see Indiana!) Without a barrier, even if I know I wont fall off, it just feels like I might. Thanks Dad! Just kidding.

The sun was out and the Cards dominated. The humongous order of generic ballpark nachos I devoured (those just happen to be one of my favorite foods ever) were just the icing on the cake to a great day. Just a heads up to anyone who takes after me in the fear of heights department– you may want to make sure you buy your tickets in the lower section. 😉

Best Wishes,



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