Be a Creator, Not Just a Consumer

Every time I meet someone new who is truly passionate about their career it inspires me all over again to keep my head down and get where I need to be to start the journey down my own career path. Our guest speaker today in my social media class was Adam Lefkoe, a WHAS 11 sports anchor, who has made made a few waves as of late. In case you missed his last viral sensation, here’s a link to Leftkoe’s “Rapcast” that has over 400k hits on YouTube.

I’m sure there are a few of you that aren’t totally into rap music and some of these references may have gone over your head. Yes? Well, let me break it down for you. Adam was able to fit in 46 rap references in a segment that was just over five and a half minutes long. For example,  let’s say you’re a big Harry Potter fan. Imagine fitting in 46 references to Harry Potter in a five and half minute speech. Though it is fun to say “Expecto Patronum,” and I’ve seen the movies a million times, this would still be a difficult task.

These are a few of the concepts I came away with after today’s lecture.

  • You will never make everyone happy when you are creating content. Someone may love your blog post, speech, or article, but the next guy may have absolutely loathed it. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. If you receive a negative comment, don’t be afraid to respond to that person and find out why they weren’t a fan of your work. You may be able to change their mind or give them new insight on what it was you were going for in the first place.
  • Never stare at success. Just because you received some positive feedback, doesn’t mean you should stop being creative. Enjoy your success, but learn from it and continue to improve because of it.
  • Don’t just consume- create. The internet has become a place where we “take other people’s stuff” by linking to their content. Create your own content. This way it can become what other people want to link back to.
  • Remember your purpose. Don’t make content with the idea in mind that you want it to go viral. That’s not the point. The point is to be creative and different.
  • Lastly, know your own voice. Be yourself. Just because you want to be taken seriously doesn’t mean you have to write like a professional all the time.

Lefkoe spoke to us about life, not just where we need to be after graduation to get our own personal dream job. It’s more than that. He encouraged us to branch out and try something new. Maybe that something is in a new city, state, or country. Meet new people. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Take the time to find out who we are and what our inner voice has to say. Whether we like it or not, for most of us, our careers may become the most defining factor in our lives (or at least pretty far up on the list). We might as well find a way to have a little fun while we’re supporting our families and doing responsible grown up stuff.




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