Social Media Monitoring: Learning to Handle the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A study done by The Social Habit revealed that 42% of customers expect a response within 60 minutes when in contact with a brand, product, or company on social media. What’s even more shocking is that 32% of respondents reveled they expect a response within 30 minutes of posting a complaint on social media. Talk about impatient customers! The infographic below breaks down the time expectancy of consumers even further.

Now more than ever, companies large and small need to jump on-board with the many social media monitoring tools (SMM) that are ready and waiting to aid in responding to customers, monitoring feedback, streamlining posts between platforms, and analyzing data. These include dashboards that help monitor content across multiple social media platforms in real-time like Hootsuite, as well as other SMM that monitor social media influence, analytics, and marketing like Klout.

The fact is your customers are screaming, and creating their own dialogue about your business via the internet and social media.  Customer mentions, reviews or criticisms about your products and services, whether good, bad or ugly, need to be responded to personally and professionally, and immediately. –Newtrep Media

The infographic below gives insights on what some businesses are already doing with SMM and some of the best free and paid tools that you should give a whirl.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

The gap between social media monitoring for personal and professional use is large. Let’s take a look at a simple and free site that can help demonstrate this difference. Kred is a website that gives an influence score from 0-1000 mainly focusing on interaction with your posts from other users who have also signed up for Kred. The next score measures outreach shown as a ratio, with 12 being the cap. For example, my influence score is 492/1000, and my outreach score is 4/12. When signed in to your Kred account, charts are available showing the location of users that are interacting with your profiles, your most popular mentions and posts, top communities you are involved in, as as well as other useful graphs on social media influence.

Here are the most mentioned words about me in the last month on Kred. I find it interesting that the first word is awesome! 🙂 Imagine If these mentions were about your business. You can track the most popular topics and trends that your fans are using in relation to your business from month to month. This could be very helpful to lead you in the right direction for all of your business’ marketing and advertising campaigns.


Click to Enlarge

Whether you’re spending zero to 100 dollars per month on social media monitoring or over 10,000, you have to start somewhere! Give a free platform a try today, and move your way up! You will literally be able to see your business’ growth with analytical charts and graphs provided by these SMM tools. Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Social Media Monitoring: Learning to Handle the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. carol groves says:

    Another interesting post. Both Klout and Kred wanted to default to my personal FB and did not give an option to enter IC FB to evaluate. If you can narrow down to something that scores IC FB in ways that differ from Google Analytics and FB analytics, let me know.

    Used to use Hoot Suite, 4-5 years ago, then used Buffer for a while. Got any good monitoring tools for Trip Advisor?

  2. Laura Roberson says:

    This blog is so info packed and interesting. Thank you for explaining more about how to use social media in our business.

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