Hootlet: Hootsuite’s Newest Gem

HootSuite Certified Professional

As one of the newest Hootsuite University Certified Professionals, I give the program two thumbs way up! Hootsuite has a free version as well as paid one, and even if your business is small, I believe checking out Hootsuite’s dashboard at the very least could make a real difference in the efficiency of your company’s time spent on social media marketing.

As if this dashboard that helps you organize, schedule, track, and monitor your content across multiple social media platforms wasn’t already the best “right hand man” around, earlier this month Hootsuite released the Hootlet app. No more toggling from window to window or tab to tab when you are searching the web for the best way to share your content with the world. Hootlet takes out all of the hassle and makes sharing content to your followers one step, instead of a few.

For example, let’s just say you want to share my awesome chili recipe with your followers on Twitter and Facebook. All you have to do is click the Hootlet icon in the right hand, upper corner of the screen, and you can send my recipe to all of your followers on multiple platforms at once.


Click here to see how easy it is to share any webpage with Hootlet!

You can also share YouTube videos across multiple platforms by clicking the “Share with Hootlet” icon.

Share your YouTube vids

Click here to see how easy it is to share YouTube videos on multiple social media platforms with Hootlet!

Here are a few other features that Hootlet has to offer:

  • The option to schedule a post at a later date.
  • If you aren’t sure when is the best time to schedule your posts, an auto schedule option is available that chooses the optimal time to post your content.
  • When you search the web with keywords on Google, Hootlet shows tweets that are relevant to your search on the right hand side of the screen. highlighting your search’s social media relevance.

Click here to enlarge.

  • Hootlet also allows you to pull up tweets from around the location of a business listing or from Google maps. You can then reply to a tweet right from the browser or add this search as a stream to your Hootsuite dashboard for further monitoring.


    Click here to enlarge.

  • Highlighting a section of text and then right clicking on it will give you the option to directly quote the highlighted area with Hootlet. You can then send it out to whichever social networks you choose.

If you want to see what we’ve talked about in action, here’s a short one minute walk through of how Hootlet works.




4 thoughts on “Hootlet: Hootsuite’s Newest Gem


    I want to learn more about this cool program and see how it would/could benefit Tasty’s. Thank you for sharing this new concept.

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