Bios and Hope

This is the fifth time I have sat down in the last five months to write to you. Inundated with school, work, and writing for my LocalView internship, I unfortunately let the most important part of my writing journey fall by the wayside- my personal creative outlet. It’s a shame, but I will try to make up for lost time.

It is highly probable that my thoughts on, “Are Writers Narcissistic? ” and “The Proverbial Sadness” (two of my blogs that just didn’t make it out of the gate) will never be published. It’s interesting to see what an incomplete Amanda train of thought looks like months later. When I let the train chug away, the spark disappears, and I was never truly able to figure out what point I was trying to make after the fact.

I am close to embarking on a new chapter of my life. I have two more classes this fall before I will finally graduate. Only eight years after the projected date. Not too bad, huh? 😉 Next week I will start my first paid position in my chosen field. I am obviously a little bit excited, coupled with some intense anxiety.

The people I have met so far at my new job have totally impressed me. I literally couldn’t have felt more comfortable in my own skin during my two hour interview with Julia and Brian. Do I even need to say how ridiculously amazing (though abnormal) that is?

Last week I was asked to write a short bio for myself before my first day of work. I was asked to check out the bios of my soon to be co-workers, then choose whether I wanted to go the more serious route or be completely silly. The choice was up to me. Have you ever tried this? It’s not an easy task to say the least. Though I, nor anyone else for that matter, could possibly sum up their creative, professional, and/or personal lives in a few sentences, this was my shot at it.

Amanda is very passionate about writing creatively. She loves to learn something new every day and would definitely rather get lost in a book than play video games. She is also a bit obsessed with the color green, Harry Potter, pandas, ice cream, and sushi. “Hope” is her mantra, and she tries to spread the word on its benefits.


Amanda Dawn


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