I rose. I roared. I will. I am.


Sunrise Over J-Town

Unfortunately there are times in life where we feel completely out of place. Ok, I won’t assume, so let’s just say I. I feel out of place sometimes. Disoriented, frightened, and overwhelmed by life, each day is significant, culminating in a lifetime that is incredibly short, but also longer than I can possibly imagine at this 30 year juncture (and that’s not even including what lies beyond my last breath).

I will be cliché here, but it’s true. Take a gigantic puzzle for instance. You sort all of the pieces out, place them face up, find the corners, and begin building the framework for the big picture. It gets a little trickier when you start filling in the inner parts. It may be frustrating when the puzzle pieces don’t fit the first, second, or tenth time, but eventually, with patience, it starts coming together.

Maybe coming to terms with yourself really does take a lifetime. I have surprised myself lately with strength I didn’t know I could muster. Strength to go after my dreams and finally be “okay” with the intensity that makes me, me.

My favorite musician and lyricist wrote a song called Rose that has spoken to me for years. It’s about overcoming adversity, being resiliant, and rising above anything and everything that holds you back from being who you are. I have finally decided (been thinking about getting another tatoo constantly lately) to mark this period of my life with some of Maynard’s lyrics.

I rose. I roared. I will. I am.


Sunset Over J-town

Love you guys,
Amanda Dawn


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